Welcome to the lost property office of

d'Air France


1. Create a free lost item listing that will be processed by our Lost Property Office.

2. If your item is likely to be identified in our database, you will receive a reference number that is required before contacting us directly.


If you have lost or found an item somewhere else in France, please connect onto franceobjetstrouves.fr

What do I do when…
  • I lost an object aboard an airplane

    Lost an object on an airplane? Can be on your seat, in a storage area or under the seat in front of you? Read this sheet.

    Read "I lost an object aboard an airplane"
  • I lost my credit card or my checkbook

    Your credit card is gone? Your checkbook is not in your right pocket? You have to act, but do not panic.

    Read "I lost my credit card or my checkbook"
  • I lost my identity papers

    One always loses one's identity papers at the wrong time. You will find in this sheet what you need to know to make this moment as painless as possible.

    Read "I lost my identity papers"